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Psychotherapy & Consulting Services

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Office located on the Burlington waterfront



I am dedicated to improving quality of life for people, and frequently go far above and beyond. While respectful, I am very direct and

straightforward because it saves time and makes for clear and concise communication. I inject humor, motivation, and energy into the

session, and explain everything thoroughly. You will get practical, down to earth information which you can start using as soon as you

leave my office. I have a long established relationship with Parole and Probation, and am aware of the challenges facing people involved

with the criminal justice system, including connecting you with resources to find employment. I can provide referral to inpatient rehab,

I can advocate for you and coordinate with your other health care providers, and work with you to obtain relief from suffering. You

donít have to live with addiction, going in and out of jail, and on and off probation and FSU, or endure depression, anxiety or PTSD.

Call me today. There are solutions.


Clinical Services offered include:

Alcohol and Substance abuse Evaluations & Counseling

Counseling and treatment referral for opiate addiction

Anger management Evaluations & Counseling

Evaluations for Court Diversion

Required counseling for IDRP (Impaired Driver Rehabilitation Program)

Counseling for PTSD, anxiety, & depression


For organizations:

Presentations & Freelance writing on topics in crime, addiction, and mental illness


Insurance plans accepted ††††Services Provided †††My Credentials††† DAP Consulting


Member of VAPA (Vermont Addictions Professionals Association) VT State chapter of

NADAAC: The Association for Addiction Professionals


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